Friday, 26 September 2014

About 'Management Matters'

This is a blog for showcasing written work from the School of Management at Royal Holloway University of London, ranging from journal articles to opinion pieces, via working papers and book chapters.

If you work at the School of Management and would like your recent research publicised, please contact Stephanos Anastasiadis with the relevant information. For an overview of what is needed, see the information below the cut (or ask for a template to complete).

If you would like your work publicised on the blog, please provide the following:

Keyword(s) AND relevant group(s) within the SoM

e.g., Ephemera; Templates; CRIS; SIBE

e.g. Jane Doe and Joe Blogs

Title for blog

e.g. How to fill a template

Text for website: 150 words, maximum (aim for 100 words). Please note that this text will be curated - edited and/or shortened as needed (subject to your approval)

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus leo sapien, aliquet id neque eget, suscipit ultricies magna. Proin fermentum, velit accumsan euismod tristique, nisl dolor luctus erat, nec faucibus turpis ligula eget elit. Aenean gravida nec lorem at vestibulum. Duis non mollis orci. Donec eget magna non nulla tristique mollis. Cras congue erat vel ante blandit, congue iaculis magna facilisis. Donec mattis id turpis ut vulputate. Curabitur suscipit efficitur dolor, non euismod risus dignissim posuere. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Curabitur vehicula placerat massa sit amet accumsan. Nulla facilisi. Nullam ut hendrerit mauris.

Full reference
Doe, J. and Blogs, J. (1929). How to fill a template. Journal of ephemeral ephemera 12(1): 122-156.

Link to open access version:


Link to published version:


If you want to provide a longer, 'below the cut' text, please provide additional text at the end. Please note that such extra text will not be curated.

If you would like any images added to your expanded text, please ensure that we have permission to publish them on the blog, and send them by e-mail or provide a link.

A note about Open Access

1. (Many) journals impose an embargo on OA availability, as you know. In these cases, we have to wait for the embargo period to expire before the paper can become fully OA.


2. What you can do for embargoed work is set the “Visibility” option in Pure to “RHUL- Visible on website from campus VPN only”. This option is permitted by publishers, because only registered users can see the content. This option does not provide OA to users who do not have a RHUL username and password, until the embargo period expires.

When you provide an open access link that is embargoed, please tell the blog curator this fact (and for how long) so that a note can be placed on the post to that effect for off-campus users.

--- end ---

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