Thursday, 27 November 2014

Promotional Media Under Convergence: Literary Product Placement

By Chris Hackley and Rungpaka Amy Hackley (Queen Mary, University of London)

We are living in an era of media convergence, in the sense that all media channels are converging around the internet. We can access print newspapers, magazines movies, TV, radio, the internet and music from a hand-held device. As a result of the fragmentation of media audiences across so many channels, traditional spot and display advertising is in decline. In its place, non-advertising promotion is gaining in traction. The third edition of our text, Advertising and Promotion, engages with the topic, while a related blog piece looks at one important manifestation of promotion under convergence: the shift of brand placements into all media, including the written word.

Hackley, C. & Hackley,  R. A. (2014). Advertising and promotion, 3rd Ed. London: Sage.

Links: Advertising and promotion (Book, link to Sage website); Literature's long love affair with product placement (Longer blog post on The Conversation)